Wednesday, August 10, 2011

relaxin' times

A few weeks ago, at work, I overheard:

Is there anything that Marysol can't do?

The answer: Of course, she can't relax.
(Since then I have also proven that I cannot cut my own bangs, and that time and time again I have no sense of direction)

I cannot relax, it is mostly true, I have to admit. I have always been this way, I need to keep busy, my mind stimulated, I am always hungry for more. If I sleep, it is usually from exhaustion.
My mother joked this weekend that she must have been one of the only mothers who needed to ask her kid to stop studying. I would go on until I fell asleep, books in bed - then as soon as I woke up, I would go back a few chapters/lessons/pages and go at it again...

Edgar is on vacation for two weeks. All staff is happily camping, enjoying day trips here and there, getting ready to go back to school for some...
Simon and I are at his family's cottage.

When we arrive at the cottage, the car is usually packed to maximum capacity. Food. Books. Games. Rain boots. Paint. Easel. Stereo system. Notebooks. Computer. Good camera. Extra gas tank. Cooking tools. Lot's of cooking tools. Condiments, every possible farm fresh ingredient, marinated meats, food experiments...
This year, I tried to hold back. The only 'oh my' factor would be the reading box: it certainly weighs as much as me.
I brought all the cooking magazines that collected dust for the past 8 months, I bought the newest issues of Meatpaper, Lapham's quarterly's food issue, Lucky Peach. Also in the box are about 12 random books, some halfway read - a few new ones down already. I am a speedy reader, and a borderline neurotic note-taker.

(I have to say that I miss my camera as I did bring my phone on a kayak trip, dropped it in shallow water, and had to wait a day for it to work again... so no camera for way too long a period of time)
...iphones do not like water. It spazzed out a bit.

Here, I alternate between reading, cooking, taking walks, picking berries, identifying weird moss, spotting cute colored mushrooms, staring at fish, waiting for frogs/fireflies/deer/chipmunks,
Sometimes playing frisbee/badminton/bocci/ultra competitive rummy games. And sudoku. I love numbers & puzzles, having my brain in a knot.

As it's a bit late for berries this year, I went hunting for apples.
With absolutely no grace, I pulled all I could from the tree...
They are tiny & tart apples. I have a liking for sour/bitter, so I was curious of the outcome for such apples as apple butter.

So with the fabulous duo of The Worst Peeler Ever and The Dullest Knife in The World, I cooked some more.

The apples cooked down for about 6 hours with a bit of butter + a drop of water + scotch & maple syrup + salt at the end just to balance.
Delicious on toast with gouda cheese this morning... Just an idea. Apple season is starting!

Yours truly, Marysol, in the middle of nowhere... vive la technologie.


Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Laphrams is amazing. I've dogearred, underlined, and highlighted nearly ALL of it. Great stuff. Enjoy your break!

nicole said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the "relaxing" you are doing!

Enjoy your "break", sweet lady.

Moonlight said...

many greetings from across the atlantic, hot hot hot cyprus marysol!

keep it up, it's all about feeling complete, so whatever suites you best girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear that you're giving yourself a well deserved break

That apple recipe is something I'm adding to my list of things to try

Enjoy yourself!

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Love that you are power resting in the wilderness. Hope it is feeling super good.

Crystle said...

I really wish there was an apple orchard in Oklahoma where you could pick your own. Then again, I've never looked for one. Maybe I should!

kaitlin said...

Strange, but the wet photo from your iPhone...I like it a lot.

Vanessa Sofia said...

Ah! You are so precious and I always enjoy reading your posts!

Rachelle said...

yay Marysol! you deserved this more than anyone I know!!

Moonlight said...

marysol? are you lost in all the cooking and running the shop?
come back!!!!!

Moonlight said...

hey, marisol! show a sign of life!!!!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Hey Marysol!! It's been awhile. I hope life is good and the restaurant is doing awesome. I would really like to speak to you, I am hoping to open a place before the new year. I don't know how to get a hold of you?

Marysol said...

Hey Kirsten! So happy for you!!!
email me personally:
send a list of quick questions to get started and I will chat and chat and chat about how the last two years have been...

Saeed Zia said...

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