Monday, April 18, 2011

bunnies and eggs

when i was younger (well, maybe still) i was fascinated by cadbury cream eggs. (and bunnies. and i want a bunny soooooo bad. i want a bunny.)
what a delight when a friend sent me a recipe to make them myself!

you should definitely attempt these at home.
they do take time, patience, but they are well worth it.
one thing that may have made it a tad more difficult is the fact that i added a bit more corn syrup (oh, and honey) so that the center would be less stiff.

here is the recipe that was sent to me.

i omitted the orange blossom water, but substituted with finely grated orange zest... and brandy.
the chocolate i used has a slightly higher cocoa percentage, and i tempered it. if you want a nice finish, this step is important.

you will need to be patient, then work quickly. the 'softie' on the inside, as soon as it is taken out of the freezer, thaws. work in small batches. unless you have liquid nitrogen, then it all becomes much easier. ha ha. wow, that would be awesome and perfect.

dear grapefruit bars bakers - i changed the recipe again... to ensure even baking, i now cook the grapefruit 'appareil' in a double boiler, slowly, until it slightly starts to thicken.
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