Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two hands & one heart per human.

Where to start?
It has been more than a month since I have last posted. How long since I have posted a recipe? A good picture? Thank you for being so patient, I know a lot of you have been wondering how I am.

I should start by saying that I am good.
My mum was a tad sick and I took some time to be with her. I thought I was losing my mum and I am so thankful that she is well again. Thank you for saving her heart.

Things happen that make you think differently. Have you ever stopped and looked at a stranger and wondered what their life is? What are they presently living as they are driving that car? Why are they smiling so much, or why do they look so sad? Life just goes on, whatever you are going through. I walked a long hospital hallway and sobbed openly one day. The other, I watched a friend cry and could do nothing more than put a hand on her back, a few soft strokes in her hair and a hug. If only there was a window into other people's lives to understand them better.

Music plays a big part in my life, nowadays and always.
What does this have to do with food? It influences my moods. My thoughts. It inspires. I have a 'song phrase' for many moments in my life. Good and bad. (umm. good and sad)

This was a very Tori month.

Desserts at the shop went from a very reasonable amount per day to 'how can my two hands produce this much?'

Full display in the morning, empty at the end of the day. You can't hope for anything fresher - and I would not want it otherwise... I come in early every day and do it how it should be for any pastry shop.

(insert here Tori singing 'baker baker, baking a cake, make me a day, make me whole again...)

I love doing desserts. I secretly wish this was my job, 8 hours a day.

And how to do all day brunch without thinking of 'here in my head' - Tori sings: breakfast, any hour, it could save the world...

Brunch has been getting busier since xmas. Familiar faces. Oooohhh and aaaahhh. Camera phones. Lineups.
But when breakfast gets too intense, for tooooo long, I hear Tori singing Slayer's 'raining blood'

All this silliness aside, I have to admit that it is hard keeping all the pieces together.
Take-home food has really been taking off. Need to produce more. More.

These delicate king oyster and bok choy dumplings I loved...

Thinking of the take-home food, the day-to-day menu, the desserts, the brunch, soups, salads... Then putting in orders, shopping, cooking, accounting, paperstufffff, taking pictures, returning emails, cooking some more. And most of this as there are people in the shop, talking to me, eating in front of me. Radiohead surrounds me and I keep replaying 'In Limbo' - Nowhere to hide, trapdoors that open, I spiral down.. I lost my way... I lost my way.

But then I have these great moments. I make people smile.
I make myself smile.

These little sweets made their first appearance this week and it was love.

Nutmeg beignets filled with lemon curd and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Grapefruit bars (email me for the recipe!)

Honey fig and blood orange cheesecakes.

Other things that make me smile? The fact that Lynne and Katie eat potatoes as no one is watching. That means that they really want them. I love you ladies. ( I think Lynne kept those in her apron pocket... )


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that your mom is doing well.

Michael said...

Grapefruit Bars? Oh my, I would like to see that recipe!

Anonymous said...

Oh Marysol. You are such a delight. We have never met, but your blog & tweets have charmed me. One day soon I hope to make it to Chez Edgar where I know that the charm will only grow!

Take care of yourself!!! & please give Miss Lynne a hug for me, too!


Anonymous said...

ps. Grapefruit Bars recipe, please!

lindsay (at) organicpixels (dot) ca

(Thank you!!)

Ottawa613 said...

Marysol, you fill our tummies and light up our weeks. Two hands, one endless heart.

Mélodie said...

Super de lire comment ça se déroule depuis 1 mois et que ta maman va bien. Gros changements dans ma vie, alors j'ai été assez occupée, mais je devrais passer cette semaine :-) À bientôt!

Moonlight said...

Nutmeg beignets filled with lemon curd and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

And yes please, do send in that recipe there for the grapefruit bars!

Also, Im very happy you came back AND that your mom is doing good now! I was worried!
Keep it up! Bisous!

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Thank you for saying it. And so well.

kirsten said...

Grapefruit bars please!
It's awesome that Edgar is a hit, I only hope to one day come and eat there.

Eva said...

Ah ma belle, c'est bon d'avoir de tes nouvelles. Je m'inquiétais de toi et de ta mère. Je comprend ce que tu veux dire quand tu parles de savoir à quoi pensent les gens surtout quand ils pensent que personne ne les regardent. What makes them tick? Parfois ça me donne la frousse lire tes textes car ils sont souvent plein de mes pensées... weird... Au plaisir de se revoir bientôt! Chin up, look forward, un jour à la fois, une pâtisserie à la fois, une assiette à la fois.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you're making it through yet another overdose of Life.

Grapefruit bars look amazing! I would love the recipe, if you wouldn't mind.


kaitlin said...

two hands, one endless heart. absoultely. <3
you continue to amaze me, marysol!

Lake Jane said...

What a great post. I've been quietly reading your blog for several months now and am so inspired by your adventures. I am originally from Ottawa and am so excited to go back home and visit Edgar in person. In the meantime, thanks for sharing and keep on trucking! Marie-Eve

Rachelle said...

Marysol, when I read your posts, I shed a tear, I laugh out loud, and I remember how wonderful the little things are in life and my appreciation is heightened.

theRachel said...

Marysol, I live far away (Victoria!), and have never been to Edgar, but love reading your blog and dreaming of one day tasting your delicious eats! It is wonderful that Tori (& Thom and the boys) keep you going :)

Because I haven't before, I just spied the urbanspoon rating for Edgar - 100% !!!!! I have never seen anything like it. If I were closer I would give you a hug.

Hula Hoop da Loop said...

I would love to get the recipe for the grapefruit do I email you for that?

Breenuh said...

Oh my gosh, every single item here looks fantastic! I wish I lived close enough to stop by and try them all!

Anonymous said...

i just read this post. I LOVE YOU. xxx

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