Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ideas in Food + Atelier

I don't write about other people's food often.
I have to admit that I am hard to please.

I had a fabulous dinner last night.
You must:

go to atelier.
read ideas in food.
follow foodie prints here and here.

It was more than just a meal, it was a visual exploration. I want to one day do food this beautiful.
I took the time to think, and smell and admire. I ate 15 courses even though it was about 3 hours before my usual 'dinner time'

I had a great 'date', my most fantastic moment was when Don served me pieces of the whole fish to share family style - it is great to reconnect with the person in front of you and stop staring at your plate. It is also fantastic to look up at the person across you and simply smile, no words needed, because you are both blown away by it all.

It was also heartwarming to meet chefs who are still humble. I have been following Alex's blog for awhile and was a fan of atelier before it even opened, I love people who are adventurous, curious. It just gets your imagination flowing and obviously makes you smile.

**ps. will send a massive email with grapefruit bar recipe, had no idea i would get such a response!


Moonlight said...

you are a nice person i guess, apreciating the work of others, even if somewhat a competition!

foodiePrints said...

Dining with you was an absolute pleasure, Marysol.

The amazing food...the wonderful company...the conversation at our lively table (of culinary professionals and little ol' me)...the genuine laughter...the pauses to just take in what we were served before tasting texture or flavour...it was an evening I'll not soon forget!

Jason said...

Was a most lovely evening with a most lovely woman. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the food you ate and explored last night. Sounds like a wonderful experience -- I missed out on something! Although last night's meal was a collaboration with guest chef Alex from Ideas in Food, I imagine that the presentation was consistent with Atelier's style. At Atelier, in addition to being a visual exploration, the food is a culinary adventure. After eating there, I'm full, but I don't feel like I've had a meal. Instead, I've experienced new taste and texture sensations and combinations. I've savoured flavours and felt the food. I've been challenged. It's as much a gustatory as an intellectual experience. I need to go back soon!

shining black armor said...

sexy times!!!!

Holly Bruns said...

Nice to see your words again. It sounds like this was a much deserved evening of pleasantness.

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