Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today is Edgar day.
The anniversary of my father's death. We celebrate peanut butter cookies, and blueberries in all forms and big juicy steaks. Je pense à toi papa.

I just wanted to say that I feel so lucky to be surrounded by incredible and generous people.
Since I have begun the Edgar adventure, I have met handfuls of wonderful people.
And I am having fun in many aspects of my job, I get to bake tons.
Yes, TONS - yesterday we sold out of almost every dessert and we must have had about 14-16 kinds. I hopped to the mixer and made cakes and brownies and macaroons and and truffles and more cookies. All is full again this morning. (Very excited that the lime coconut cake make a second guest appearance this week!)

I get to work and meet with exceptional people that I now consider friends.
A great big hug to Lynne for yesterday. Everyone, please end out very positive waves to my friend the twisted chef.
Katie, you rock. Point final.
Aaron and Kirsten, no words. well, maybe. bacon+avocado+blue cheese = heaven.

oh, and we did huevos rancheros!


One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Bless Edgar. And bless wonderfully exceptional people. Makes life pretty sweet.

foodiePrints said...

Definitely sending positive vibes to Lynne today.

Thoughts to you Marysol, she who puts so much into the eatery she named after her late father.

Holly Bruns said...

Such a nice post. I guess when you do something with real heart, you can't go wrong!

Eva said...

C'est super de faire des gestes en honneur de ceux qu'on aime, surtout en mémoire de quelqu'un si spécial. Tu seras toujours la p'tite fille à ton père et c'est certainement ça qui contribue en partie à ta perséverance! Bravo à Edgar qui a fait de toi ce que tu es devenue!

K and A said...

You're an adorable baby (I'm assuming that's you)! Thank you for letting us take over your resto for an hour or two, it was so fun to get to "work" with you guys for a little while.

kitten roar said...

lovely post filled with uplifting sentiments and delicious looking food!

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