Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Cold (isn't scaring anyone!)

Well, I thought it would be less busy after xmas, but no!

We have had our biggest weekends so far, I guess the word is getting around about brunch, and pastries, and great coffee.

I got these nice new ceramic glasses for hot chocolates and lattés.

My favourite french toast of the past month or so... sauteed honey apple, sauvagine cheese, maple syrup and crispy maple-pepper chicken skin!

I try to be creative and change it up every week. The same for the egg option... I have been swinging with the eggs cocotte for awhile but we will switch for huevos rancheros next weekend, I am soooo excited! I went to a great tiny latin store today and bought beautiful homemade sausage and fresh white cheese to crumble.

Once more, I made ribs and the sandwiches just sell like mad! Again, I try to be creative with the paninis and wraps - and people usually go for it. The only one that was not getting as much love was a spicy grilled tofu wrap. I loved it though: lemongrass, ginger, chili, lime and full of veggies, fresh cilantro. I wasn't sad to have those for lunch!

Soups and soups and soups and soups. I can't believe how much soup we sell. In the past couple of weeks, my favourites have been onion soup (ultra comfort!), chicken thigh and white bean & harissa split pea. I will try to picture the split pea and share the recipe this week! It is tomorrow's soup along with Celery Root, Fennel and Potato.

Take home meals are starting to take off. I have been doing a lot of chicken, people don't seem to go for beef as much... The stuffed chicken breasts are a sure hit, so is the curry. I guess I make Saveurs des Monts very happy with people's chicken cravings!

Tender chicken thighs with soft eggplant, full of thai basil, cilantro... heaven.

Desserts change a lot - I knew I could not limit myself to just a few. I have been really fond of upside down cakes lately as well as brownies. The banana caramel cream pie made a comeback! People were asking for it, one girl even spotted them from outside and came in, smiling: is that what I think it is?

I am thinking of stuffing my brioche this week, I am getting a bit tired of the spiral look ... maybe dulce. Or lemon curd.

Speaking of desserts... Valentine's day is just around the corner!!! I made a ton of tiny truffles. I still want more because I didn't do a spicy one yet and it makes me sad.

And little sugar cookie hearts. Pepto bismol color. ha ha.

I can't wait for Valentine's day. Not because I really like the holiday, but because I will be volunteering at BelFiore for their busiest day of the year! Yup, me at the cash with Teena and Stacy and many many rose thorns. There better be a lot of you opening the door to that exceptional shop, because there are a lot of deserving peeps out there!!

Here are a few ladies that have a piece of my heart this week:

Marie-France @Le Local (a store you NEED to discover)
Jacqueline aka TheSoupJackie @StoneSoupFoodWorks (because she makes soup all the time and is fabulous!) She has a blog and shares great recipes and tips!
Denise @Heaven's to Betsy (because she sews beautiful aprons and has a ton of fun nic nacs.)


Marc-André from TheFood.ca said...

Ben, ça se résume très simplement: mmmmm! Tu as capté mon attention avec les rancheros!

Vanessa said...

Ugh, so in love with all of your food! If I'm ever in the area on vacation, I think I will live in your adorable restaurant. Do you offer any vegan dessert options? If not, I'm willing to bend the rules ;o)

Holly Bruns said...

I have to go eat something now, you've just made me very hungry. It all looks LOVELY!

Eva said...

tes brownies, ma belle, sont kechose de spécial! pis n'arrête surtout pas d'ofrrir tes barres EDGAR! OMG! désolé pour les personnes qui t'ont visité après mon départ l'autre jour - je ne leur ai pas laissé grand chose! Nia nia! :) ce fut bon te voir! continu ton bel effort!

foodiePrints said...

You're amazing Marysol!

You make and serve great food! You and Simon operate a great eatery! And, you're volunteering for Valentine's!

Le Local is on Eddy?!?!?! That's near work :)

Victoire said...

I am so jealous you get to work at Belfiore! A flower shop is my dream business and Teena runs the best flower shop imaginable.

Have fun and i hope you see Nick popping in!

Sidney Ann said...

Great blog! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got those ceramic cups? I remember seeing some at one point and now I wished I paid attention. They are so pretty! :)

Marysol said...

ha ha, very simple... Ikea.

Sidney Ann said...

Doh! Thanks :)

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