Monday, November 22, 2010

Slowly Adjusting

One kind lady told me that she was surprised about how much I shared on my blog.
I feel I need to, especially in this very crazy moment.
Some of you have been following me for years. A lot have tried my recipes at home.
Some have mustered up the courage to send me an email, leave a comment.
Some I have had the pleasure to meet in person.

I feel like I know all of you a tiny bit.
There are 229 of you who proudly say you follow me.
There are hundreds more who pop in for a visit daily - I see you!
Thank you. You keep me going.

Media has played up the fact that I was a food blogger. Like Molly from Orangette, they love the romantic idea that I just took my recipes, opened up a place and now it works. Reality is that I have worked in the industry for years - a little mouse in the back, doing what others hate to do, helping others look good, making everything more efficient. I am a work pony (not a horse, I am too small) and I am very stubborn. This is why it works.

We started our third week.
Again, it was full of surprises. We were much busier than we anticipated. Now people wait for tables. Some people come back almost every day.
Weekday lunches have been packed. Prep I did for the next day ended up being used the day of. I lock the door and I start over for the following day. And I feel like crying. Last Wednesday I called home and sobbed. I was tired, hungry, the place was so full of pots and pans, it was raining hard, recycling, garbage... Then there are days like yesterday. Even though it was madness until 3:30 pm, Simon and I were home 45 minutes after turning the key to close, that was bliss.

One thing I want to get out there is: Encourage chef owners. Encourage small businesses. Think about this every time you go out. There is a real person behind those pots and pans, they put love in the food. And they work hard. And they take out the trash. And they care that you stop by. I do.

Things we tried this week...

*Waffles! They need to be perfected a bit.
We made chocolate chip and bacon caramel.

*Frittata. Will do bigger pieces. People want a salty breakfast on the weekend.

*My favourite soup of the week: celery root and potato.

*Peanut butter cookies.

*THE hit: cranberry walnut upside down muffins.


*Combining the two most popular ingredients from last week: cranberries and goat cheese - in a chicken sandwich!

*Something chorizo. I want chorizo.

Things we discovered...

*I should label spices. Lynne had much fun figuring out what was what to make ginger cookies... And I would not win Top Chef sniff tests - I guessed garam masala 20 minutes later.

*Firemen love brioche.


Moonlight said...

*Firemen love brioche.

That sounded very sweet in my head for some reason.

Keep going little pony, courage!
You made my dream come true, i must have said that already here, but anyway!

Im sending you loads and loads of love and positive vibes from halfway around the globe!

marie said...

Yay small businesses and chef owners! I hope I'll make it up to Canada one day to visit your beautiful little restaurant. Keep on keeping on!

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

I am one of the guilty ones that keeps coming back. Like bees to honey! :)

I can vouch for that celery root and potato soup.

I love her teas. The last two times I have had tea. High praise coming from me because coffee is my crack.

Her peanut butter cookies do melt in your mouth and they are better than mine. I am emotionally adjusting to that.

I support labeling the spice jars!! :)

I also think it would be great if the take out items listed ingredients too. I have been caught up with an allergy friend taking a pass at home with the granola and the hummus because I couldn't tell them what was in it. Would that be giving away secret recipes? Just a thought.

I still feel like this place is my "Cheers", minus the beer.

Anonymous said...

i loved our game of "guess the spices" - and i love that the waffles were a hit on Sunday! YAY!

goat cheese, chicken and cranberries - bliss in the mouth. AMAZING!

and my advice to all customers - purchase one of each cookie- marysol makes a killer chocolate ginger, ridiculously insane, intense peanut butter cookie, plus you can get one with chocolate chips, her chocolate chunk cookie is DELISH... and perhaps (just perhaps), there will be an edgar's granola shortbread cookie on the menu one day :0)

Maria said...

Chorizo frittata!!!! :)

Yes everything with goat cheese is awesome. Love the goat cheese burritos.

Good job Marysol!

cupcait said...
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cupcait said...

haven't had a chance to get over and try Edgar out yet, but soooo looking forward to it based on this. congrats on how everything is turning out so far!

ElsieD said...

Stopped by for lunch last week. Yummy food, obviously made with love. I wish you much success as I want to keep enjoying your food.

Jojo said...

Keep your chin up, you are doing a FANTASTIC job, enviable by so many.

You are fulfilling the dreams of many right now, until we have the courage to take the leap on our own.

Cheers :-)

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for your blog I wouldn't know the wonders of kale or halloumi cheese! And all your beet receipes helped cement 2 whole rows in my garden this year.

Congrats on the sucess of your restaurant.

Rachelle said...

You are doing an amazing job Marysol! Keep it up! I can't wait for 10 more days and I'll be done the stupid non-wheat test. The first place I will go is Edgar and indulge!

foodiePrints said...

Stubborn work pony?

You're also an artist, a painter, a photographer...

There are 229 people who follow you. Behind the foodiePrints account are 3 fans.

Congrats on your third week.

You know we support local businesses. They're written about all over our blog. We admire chef/owners and are lucky to call a couple friends.

Hugs to you, Marysol! We're so happy Edgar is doing well!

Sigh, going to have to come in for some cookies. Lynne's never wrong with it comes to bakery!

Anonymous said...

I strongly support chef owners and women entrepreneurs! We have tons of patience for Edgar and continue to spread the word, but now I just tell people to be prepared to take it to go! :o) (Yes, I adopted The Twisted Chef's smiley bonhomme.) How about kale and chorizo frittata?! I just picked all the kale in my garden, so that'll be on my menu sometime soon!

Victoire said...

Yay to small businesses and chef owners! I am so proviledged to know so many amazing small business owners (like you!), and it truly is possible (and so much more enjoyable - better service, better products) to frequent these kinds of places most of the time. Bridget from Workshop and I were chatting about that just yesterday! Aside from the occasional visit to the Bay to buy pantyhose & undies ha ha, I'm happy to say that most of my daily shopping & eating routines are with people like you. As soon as I'm back from my little vacation, Luke and I cannot wait to come and try some of your waffles, so exciting!!

Genny said...

J'ai vraiment hâte d'aller chez Edgar!!!! I'm reading your blog and my mouth is literally watering... Discovered the blog through the urbanspoon app on my iPhone... Yea I'm bragging lol... Mais pour une fille gourmande comme moi faut vraiment que j'aille chez Edgar! Any kind of unique, out of the ordinary, homey-cozy place that has good food gets my approval!

Keep up the great work!


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