Wednesday, November 3, 2010

not even one week...

It hasn't yet been a week since we opened.
I have to admit I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Some moments are great. I am getting to know the neighborhood people, and seeing so many smiling kids. Surprisingly, I enjoy chatting with the locals - this is what made me most nervous before opening... I am shy and very non-confrontational when it comes to small talk, I don't like politics and hard topics, so I tend to just listen. Keep my thoughts to myself, ponder on the subjects.

Customers seem to be enjoying their food, I hear a lot of spoons scraping the bottom of the soup bowls, so that makes me happy. The pastries are selling well. Paninis are a hit. More than a handful have come back a second time, that makes my heart all soft.

The problem: things are selling out fast. Faster than I thought.
I have no time to make the nice take-out meals that I wanted.
I am working long hours. 14-16 hours a day, no less in the past week.
I try to be as efficient as I can, and those who know me can attest that I am a little production machine. I think it is the first time in my life I feel this way - even while balancing food blog, work and art in the past years I have not felt as 'far behind schedule'. Maybe my expectations were too high?

Sleep will do me some good.

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ps. to all of you who emailed... again, this is a first in my life - I am sooo far behind. I read everything and will soon get back to you. Typing on my tiny Iphone is too big a test of patience these days, I will try to bring my computer to work. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

you can totally do it Marysol! a step at a time... and good sleeps in between :0)
Edgar and You are Amazing! So so so proud of you!

Rachelle said...

I agree 100% – you've worked hard all your life, you are used to this pace, just now it is for you, so you are emotionally invested too. Once you get into a groove, you will find balance and it'll be much more comfortable. Still busy, and hard work, but not so exhausting. You rock Marysol!! They like you, they REALLY like you!! (and i'm not surprised at all)

Victoria said...

Congratulations on your first week. I know you sound so busy, but it must be great being busy for yourself and your own little cafe than working that hard for someone else. The food looks wonderful. Wish I were nearer!

Holly Bruns said...

I have never taken on such a task, but what experience I do have makes me think that it's just going to take you time to hit the right stride - as Rachelle says. Ride the wave and the universe will carry you through!!

Jane said...

Congratulations! It is so nice to see someone realizing their dream. The very best of luck and I'll bring my wee family for soup very soon.

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I think this is the first time I've ever commented, though I have been reading for quite some time.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of you for going forward with your dreams! I find myself in a similar situation often (trying to run one company and launch another, house, marriage, kids). It's overwhelming! You are doing a FANTASTIC job, and people understand that you are a bit pre-occupied right now. Don't worry, life will still be there when things calm a little. You are doing great, keep at it sister!

Mo Pie, Please said...

The only down side of success - no time for things! Congrats again, hang in there and it will all work itself out to a reasonable pace. Some day soon you'll be working the desired hours you want and business will still be booming!

Anonymous said...

Once you find your groove, you and Edgar will be dancing smoothly. You already have an enthusiastic and delighted audience. I admire you for following your dream!

makescoffeenervous said...

Congratulatioins!!! :)

You'll find your groove soon enough, that's for sure.

Take care and breathe. :)

Bicycle Jane said...

Marysol, it is the Halloween bride Crystal!! I wanted to congratulate you on your successes. You should be very proud. I would love to visit Edgar when in town (any vegan treats?) You are an inspiration and I have been baking a lot. I also entered a contest on to win a custom made apron and I am a finalist. You should vote and I will hold a cupcake party when I win.



Breenuh said...

You can do it, girl. You seem to be figuring things out much more quickly than I would, so I applaud you! Keep on keeping on.

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