Friday, October 15, 2010


Today was all about water.

Edgar is coming along great.
(Thanks for asking Marc!)

In the past two days, we did much.
I had this very long list and I am checking off almost all of it.
Replaced some parts, scrubbed off yuckiness, covered more with paint, finishing some areas.

Simon's father built a third table, I can now seat 11 people.
I am still praying for cheap stools to appear in an unexpected shop. I have a week to find them.

My new freezer was delivered and I can't wait to fill it.
The first thing to go in will be a big big bag of cranberries that I hope to pick up in Venosta this Sunday.

The water you ask?
Our water pleasure started with a drain for the espresso machine - we were hoping to plug directly into the pipes (so that I don't have to empty a bucket...) Well, that didn't work. (we had proof all over the floor...) Minutes later, the nice Morala Man comes in to see if I found a coffee grinder and confirms that our plan for the drain will not work. Shucks.

As I was very gracefully caulking the outside of the toilet bowl, I saw a little water... I shut off the valve. Oups, that was also the water for the dish. I turned it back on, no drips. We made no issue, kept on going with our business. Later on, it still leaks a bit. Looking closer into it, we discover, oh joy, that the toilet is cracked. Great. The previous tenants just patched it up with caulking over and over it seems. Faaaantastic. We just redid the washroom floor, and tomorrow, this means we might have to redo some of it to fit a new toilet. (Mr Morala, there goes part of my budget for the coffee grinder, oh, and the hood vent guy takes some of it too)

We started some fridges. Condensation. Maybe because the fridges have not been used for awhile. Little puddles of water on my painted floor again. I will dream of water. And soon, I will laugh about all of this.

I will also dream of bacon. Bacon is my friend. I want bacon everywhere.
I cooked some tonight to test the breakfast wraps. And I think, i think, that I may include bacon in my cinnamon rolls. Heaven.


elizabeth said...

my first thought when you said bacon was, "GOOD LORD, put bacon in the cinnamon rolls, PLEASE!"


Marysol said...


If only I could ship one to you.
It wouldn't go through customs right?

Moonlight said...

Congrats! You are lucky to have such good (and helpful) friends! :p
Good luck with everything else...

pinkghost said...

drool bacon cinnamon rolls, if only i could eat them!!!

Rachelle said...

mmmmmm, i want to go there for breakfast right NOW!!

Holly Bruns said...

I second what Elizabeth says!!!

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