Friday, October 29, 2010

More quick notes...

Here is the news of the day.

*I brought the cabbage from my house, isn't it pretty?

*Thank you all so much for your kind words on the blog, I read them all throughout the day and they keep me smiling. I am so touched and can't believe how many people actually take the time to read this blog.

*I have a coffee-grinder-savior. Many thanks to Eric for loaning me this great machine until I can buy one myself... I will be using his fair-trade organic coffee.

*Two fantastic people came by and brought flowers. G&A, you are beyond. BEYOND.
This reminds me that I need to say that I am so so lucky to be surrounded by incredible people. Really. I can't believe how generous people have been with their time and words and resources.

*I made 3 soups during today's crazystorm: chipotle chicken with black beans and corn. broccoli and cheddar. sweet potato, lemongrass and coconut.

*My neighbors saw me (sitting on the grass), early morning, trying to get my tall grass out of the planters, pulling with my hands, pushing with my feet, huffing and puffing. Man, what a sight.

*Gas stove = Charred green peppers = burrito love.

*Apparently, I have the same flooring as Play. Some people from the neighborhood came in and told us. And they also told us that we need a liquor license, asap.

*I need a double. Any of you read Calvin and Hobbes? I want a cardboard box that duplicates me.


kaitlin said...

I read that last bit aloud to my husband. We're both insomniacs. We're both incredibly busy. And excited to come see you on Sunday! It's practically here....ooooh!!!

Take care of yourself!

Rachelle said...

Oh my god!! One more day!! I can't believe it's finally here. You must be so excited. You have done such an amazing job, every tiny detail looked after. Only a strong woman like you could take this on. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Deborah said...

I will sure be thinking of you on Saturday and can't wait to see pictures from the grand opening!
You'll be fantastic! :)

Anonymous said...

i want that sweet potato soup in my belly today for lunch. i guess i can wait until tomorrow :0)
the count down has been on for a while... but it's SO CLOSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

à demain matin ma belle! mouah!

Cocoa said...

Best of luck tomorrow. I'm sure your grand opening will be amazing. I'll try to come and visit Edgar as soon as I'm able to handle stairs a bit better!

Rocaille said...

I have the same baby blue mugs from Ikea, love them :) Good luck for tomorrow! xxx

Mélodie said...

J'adore les choux! J'en cherche depuis longtemps. Tu vas devoir me dire où tu les a pris.

J'ai rêvé à ton ouverture hier... Tout se passait bien :-)

À bientôt

Asha at beFOODled said...

All the best on opening day!

Lake Jane said...

congratulations! looking forward to trying it out next time I'm in town!

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