Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hall's apples

I got two nice bags of apples today (From Halls Apple Market in Brockville, you can order online!!!)

This made a few (!!!) containers of applesauce, the base for my muffins.

I also made a bit (!!!) of veg stock.

Quite a few people dropped in today, again, this lifts my spirits and make me think that maybe, just maybe, people will make the trip to my little shop. (Candice, Barbara, Kim, Agathe, Aurélie, Marc, Carley - thank you.)

The official opening should be Tuesday November 2nd, although I think I will do a friends and family (and whoever in the hood is curious) day on Saturday. I will get some help manning the cash, coffee machine and we will sell sweets + maybe a panini or two. Not the full display quite yet...

I will soon address all comments, give me a few seconds/minutes/days... My inbox got flooded today. I am still answering emails at this late hour.


kaitlin said...

Oh, Marysol! I am so excited for you! I promise, if the weather is nice, I will bear biking over to the other side of the river, where I tend to get lost usually, and I will come visit.

It's just around the corner, it is. And you should be proud.

Marysol said...

Kaitlin, I will give you directions, it is so easy, right off the cycle path. From Westboro, by bike, it should take no more than 20 minutes. Max max max. It will be great to see you again!

kirsten said...

WOW look at all them apples!! I hope you will make a yummy vegan dish for your menu ( I hope to visit over the winter holidays!)

theRachel said...

Everything is looking fabulous! Love your blog, and wish you all the best in this new grand adventure!

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