Thursday, October 7, 2010

Edgar, almost a week now...

It has been almost a week since I've gotten the keys to the restaurant.
A lot of running around for permits. Figuring out what papers are needed first. Then go to next step. I think I did the last one today. I think.

I have also been trying to eat well at home, that is a challenge when you are tired and it is late... We have nice striploin + mashed potatoes + veggies the night before and fish + risotto last night, not bad!

We have been working so hard. Painting the space is almost done, walls, ceilings, little nooks. The 'sortie' sign has even been repainted, all the ceiling fixtures and panels, all the small things that could eventually drive me nuts.

Lights almost entirely installed. I love these.

New lights for the blackboards as well.

And, drumroll... new floors.


Mo Pie, Please said...

So exciting! Congrats on being that much closer, I'm so happy for you!

Jennifer said...

I am just SO excited for you. I would love to visit your Edgar. And sticky buns for breakfast is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats! it's coming together quite nicely!

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