Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 at Edgar.

Starting the morning with a take-out coffee in a cup of soup. Say goodbye to man-of-my-life, I miss you already.

Then... Patching walls. Sanding walls. Take off everything that it held by a screw, bolt or nail. Patch. Sand. Sand green tiles. Prime green tiles. Paint green tiles. Clean hood vent, sand, paint. Paint ceiling. Take out breakfast counter. Patch. Paint.

Paint. Paint.
Gooey Black Paint.
Eat Shawarma Palace Chicken Plate.

*Helpers of the day, Diane and Michel, merci.


Moonlight said...

Bon courage!!!
Im sure that despite the fatigue, you LOVE it!!! Starting your own place? What a bliss!!!
and again..patience! :)

Mélodie said...

Tout ça dans une journée ?! Félicitations!

kirsten said...

How exciting!

The Benny's said...

Garde courage.
J'ai tellement hate!!!!!

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