Monday, October 11, 2010

Bursts of Color

I guess I have always been one to favour black and white. See? My Kitchenaid mixer is black...
I dressed in black for many years. Then added a bit of grey. Simon likes me most in bright colors, so color slowly made its way into my wardrobe.

It seems that many people have the same concern for Edgar.
Are you adding any color? Is this it?
Well, I think white looks so bright and clean...

Mathieu and I scrubbed the floors and when he rolled the white super-primer on, I felt a sense of calm and cleanliness. No more dust bunnies hiding under my oven.

Saturday, I added a touch of color. A nice retro blue.

Another source of color will be pots and pans.

The first one to brighten up the space: an incredible gift from Candice. I will miss working with Candice every day, and not that this cocotte will replace her, but I will feel that she is with me still. Inspiring me to cook better (most likely to add a bit more spice everywhere...)

Yesterday I felt under the weather, like something was attacking my head (drink water drink water drink water) - so I skipped renovations. I helped my mum in the morning, then cooked, baked, spent some time in my home kitchen. I made a double batch of pizza dough, will this be the final recipe? Double checking that it freezes and thaws well for people to buy and prepare at home.

I remember when my forearms were muscular from making dough and baking every day... Not so much anymore!

I also made cinnamon bun dough and am baking it off today for Marc-André and Pierre-Luc to taste (and all the rest for Simon, he needs his share of the baking!)

Again, thank you dear helpers. Saturday Mark earned a gold star for cleaning out my freezer (OH DEAR SWEET JESUS THE SMELL!!!), Nicole gave a final coat to the washroom and Candice was a scrubbing queen, all fridge/display case racks now sparkle and shine. You can't buy friends like this... Couldn't afford them, they are gold.


Marc-André from said...

I can almost taste them from here. Love the retro blue!

Vanessa Sofia said...

I'm so upset that I don't live anywhere near you. Edgar may just have to be on my culinary road trip list. And what a road trip that would be, all the way from California :)

foodiePrints said...

Loving following Edgar take shape!

mmm...cinnamon buns! Hope they're on the menu when Edgar opens :)

Marie-Claude Q said...

Stumbled upon your blog... Your new restaurant just happens to be in my 'hood. I'll be there soon to sample the lattés....

Pickles said...

It's so nice to see Edgar taking shape. I can't wait to pop in :D

Georgia said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your progress with Edgar! Wish I lived closer so I could visit!

Nicholas said...

Looks and sounds like an awsome little place. I was born and rased in the that little neighborhood. For Sur I will be trying that place very soon. I passed in front plenty of times when you were setting in.

Hope nothing but the best!
see you later.


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