Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before the Whirlwind...

...we went away for a few days. To be just the two of us. No computers. No phones.
I watched birds and deer.
The frost in the morning. The world warming up to a whole new set of colors.
We went for a long hike up a ski hill. The view was magnificent.
I marveled at moss. Rocks. Leaves. Lakes.
Sat in front of the fire.
Ate chips.

I still stayed productive.
Made lists. Reviewed menu. Without distraction.
I made a very cute apron with polka-dots.
I also sewed some thingies to hold back my hair (In Quebec, they want you to be dorky and we have to wear a hair net... I want to hide it as best I can!) as well as curtains for the washroom at Edgar.

I will make an official post, but just so that I don't send 15 personal emails per day (and I do return them all!!!!) - I will open this Saturday. More details tomorrow.

And the address:
60 rue bégin, Gatineau (Hull sector)

thank you all for following me in this adventure.


Deborah said...

If we are sending you something from the states... what should the address read so it gets to you?

Mary said...

How exciting! All the best for your opening! I can't come on Saturday, but I will try to bike over one day next week.

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