Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tomato Sorbets

On my plate: roasted mini two color squash, patty pan, baby eggplant, orange and red bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes from the Castlegarth farm + some from our garden, arugula, lemon goat cheese, smokey golden tomato sorbet, herbed pink tomato sorbet.

Remember that I received beautiful heirloom tomatoes?

A lot of them were eaten raw, I find it is how I enjoy them most.
Some of the large misshapen ones were made into sorbet. Such intense flavor, a fantastic addition to any plate.

My obsession with sorbet started about 5-6 years ago.
We had a very expensive addiction to Benny's Bistro for breakfast. Their menu changes every 3-4 months, so you can stick to the same for awhile - which is exactly what I did. I had the roasted vegetable plate every single visit. On my plate were melt-in-your-mouth roasted eggplant, zucchini, peppers, some goat cheese and tomato sorbet to top it off. When it got taken off the menu I was devastated.

One day, I saw a job posting for a cook position at the Bistro. I was beyond excited.
I gathered all my courage, applied & was hired. Oh, I was soooooo happy.
It actually lasted two brunch shifts. The chef at the time really discouraged me about taking the job as he assured me that I would get bored quite quickly, the menu being the same for so long and me only being a line cook, coming in for service and that's it...

The most surprising thing he said to me: he of course remembered me as a client, and then he started laughing... I was the only one who ordered that roasted vegetable plate of the dozens of people who ate there every weekend. He wondered what odd person would order that over and over again for breakfast.

For the goat cheese

1 tiny brick of goat
herbs: chives, oregano, basil
lots of freshly ground pepper
Juice of half a lemon

For the smokey golden tomato sorbet

1 smoked yellow bell pepper
2 Tbsp caramelized vidalia onion
2 huge golden tomatoes, seeded, skin removed
1 tsp siracha
Pinch of espelette

For the herbed pink tomato sorbet

2 large pink tomatoes
1 handful of herbs (I put basil, oregano, a bit of chives)

The sorbets are really easy - whizz the ingredients and then put in a very fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth for a few minutes to remove a bit of the water. Freeze and when ready to use, scrape with a fork. Possibilities are endless, experiment, play with ingredients... Keep in mind that if you have really good tomatoes like I did, not much needs to be added!


Alisa said...

I haven't tried a Tomato Sorbet before but it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe.I would love to try this soon.

Mélodie said...

T'as travaillé chez Benny's Bistro?C'est tellement bizarre... Moi aussi! On dirait que toi et moi, on vit la même vie, mais en parallèle :-)

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

I love the idea of tomato sorbet. Thanks so much for that. Your pictures are gorgeous.

Asha at beFOODled said...


Marysol said...

Melodie!! On ne s'est pas encore vues cet été...

Vie parallèles en effet! As-tu travaillé dans la cuisine ou comme serveuse? Peut-être nous as-tu servi maintes et maintes fois?? Avec Dave ou Scott?

(J'ai travaillé avec Dave, mais connu Scott après car il a travaillé à urban element)

Mélodie said...

On va laisser passer les jours fous d'été puis on s'organisera une rencontre en septembre :-)

J'ai travaillé surtout comme serveuse, et un peu dans la cuisine, avant qu'il y ait une "vraie" équipe. En fait, j'étais là au tout début de l'aventure avec Cameron, puis avec Alain, puis Justin. Les meilleurs brunchs en ville, mais maudit que ça roulait. Débile! On pourra en parler :-)

The French said...

That's hilarious and I have to say, I would be the other odd one ordering that salad for breakfast if I was anywhere near that restaurant.

This looks delicious. Not sure I've seen an espelette pepper anywhere; could I sub a Thai red chile?

Marysol said...

Espelette is spicy and a tad smoky... That is what makes it so great!!

You should be able to find it in fine food stores, italian or portuguese shops. Smoked paprika + chili would be similar. Good luck finding it! I am sure you will if you keep your eyes opened...

MissAlyssa said...

holy wow... this looks absolutely amazing! i cannot wait to try it!

Susan said...

Yum! I used to waitress at a restaurant in Princeton, NJ that made tomato sorbet and wild mushroom ice cream. It was delicious!!! Though in 2001, not as socially acceptable. Have you ever tried making a pear sorbet with gorgonzola? Is that possible? Any suggestions?

Marysol said...

Susan!!! You won't believe what we had for dinner!!!

A salad with beets, PEAR AND BLUE CHEESE! I kept thinking of your sorbet...

I would do - and please note that I am crazy- a lettuce sorbet with a bit of pear & blue chunks in it, rolled in bread crumbs and fried. Or panko.

I sometimes do a lettuce soup and it is awesome.

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