Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time Out

Smile, be silly, have a good laugh. I know I look good with a 'stache...

Sometimes you have to stop, recharge, and go again.

I rarely speak about my job but I can say a few things: I've been busy. I love planning parties and weddings. I'm happy the most of it is over, for a few weeks at least. Then it gets crazier.

When I work much, I can't get my hands as dirty in the kitchen.

We had a little shingding and it was fun. (Exhibit A & B) If only it had been sunny, I would have invited more people!

I have gotten so many fantastic food gifts lately! Nothing can make me happier.

Elderberries from Rachelle and her husband.

A big basket of breathtaking heirloom tomatoes from a fantastic chef.

Fresh picked plums from Shari.

ps. I said nothing could make me happier than food, but, if I could get a sponsor for new pans to cook better food and a new camera to take better pictures of food, that would be swell.
ha ha.


One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

How do you do such cool pictures, Miss Hostess with the Mostess?

Marysol said...

ha ha ha!

a) iphone with apps.
b) not much more talent than being able to sew in a straight line to do a garland.
c) old but trusty camera.

jacqueline said...

Marysol- I wish I could give you the money but, alas, I have no money..haha. However, I will send good vibes your way in hopes that someone feels them radiating past them and sends you the money you need!

Marysol said...

I certainly don't want the money, I just want them to fall from the sky!

makescoffeenervous said...

here's praying for beautiful pots and pans and a way cool camera to come your way soon!

Breenuh said...

I wish people would give me produce-related gifts!

Holly Bruns said...

Looks like fun, and the food looks amazing!

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