Monday, August 2, 2010

Pimms & Ginger Beer

The first time I had a Pimms drink was over ten years ago.
It was at a wedding, actually, the first of my friends to get married.

What I remember even more was my welcome drink.
Even though I was surrounded by all these people, I felt quite lonely.
My boyfriend of 7 years had just left me, no one knew yet, and we attended the wedding 'as a couple' as we did not want to draw any attention to the situation on this special day.
So I sat outside, on the back porch, my gold dress sparkling in the late afternoon sun. And I sipped this delicious drink.

The father of the groom was a butcher, so the food was perfect - I remember well sitting down with my very carnivorous plate. And I remember that the butcher's other son made me blush.

Pimms Cup

1-2 onces of Pimms
4 oz ginger beer
Slices of cucumber
Lots of ice!


Breenuh said...

Yummy! I love summery Pimms drinks! I like to throw some strawberries and apples in mine too.

marie camille said...

la ginger beer donne plus de piquant que la ginger ale...
j'aime mon pimms avec du thé glacé aussi des fois...

Georgia said...

That sounds delicious, I'm looking forward to giving it a try!

Rachelle said...

Ok, I want to drink that next time I see you. I think yours would be better than mine – hint hint!

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