Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing in our Garden: Borlotti Beans

I don't quite remember the name that was written on my little envelope.
Borlotti? Cranberry? Romano?

You see, I am horrible with names.
They just don't stick. I have to make funny associations in my head, they often involve animals, food, colors.

This is not ideal for work. People love to chat about chefs and restaurants - It often takes me awhile to figure out who they are talking about. Maybe it is a plus in some cases though... I guess I am fabulous for people with big egos: I bring them back to earth by not knowing who they are. Just impress me with your person, not your name.

These beans impressed me by their beautiful color. If only it stayed after they cooked.

They turns to a purple brown color. We ate them tossed in freshly torn herbs, lemon and good olive oil.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beans, beautiful pictures. I want to grow borlotti/cranberry/romano beans too!

Meg said...

never knew beans came in pink - they're beautiful!

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