Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food as a gift

Rachelle and her husband gave us these greens. They are called Sandfire Greens, or, even better in French, 'tétines de souris'!

First of all, these are so beautiful. Like nothing I had seen before. They smell fresh, like the ocean. Like a just-shucked oyster. They are also soft to the touch, delicate but very much alive.

I asked a cute little girl from the East what she would do with them... oh yum! she said, fry them!

So I did.

We ate the lightly battered greens with halibut (dill, lemon zest, noilly), Swiss Chard (white wine, butter, lemon), yellow beans, fried daisy berries.

Food as a gift. Nothing makes me smile more.

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Meg said...

how elegant! those greens look very interesting!

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