Monday, July 5, 2010

Tall Grass and Lily Pads

So we escaped for a couple of days (or so it seemed as it went by so fast!). One cottage sandwiched between two lakes.

Kayaking. I can explore, watch huge turtles and big fish. Herons, ducks, dragonflies.

Sailboating. My man just gliding away.

Swimming. Taking walks. Staring at the clouds. Fireflies at night. Owls and foxes waking me up, making me smile.

Eating whenever you feel like it. And oh, we ate.

Before leaving I prepared everything.

Dips and spreads. Meat marinating ready to be skewered. A whole fish with dill and lemon and yummy goodness. Salsas. Cold soup. It was fabulous having it all done in advance, it made everything so simple. Believe it or not, it took me two hours to prep, make a mess and clean - everyone should do this!!! Forget the pleasure of preparing a meal with a glass of wine, I wanted more time to read (I finished one book and got into reading another, Everything But the Squeal, thanks Mike!).

You can have wine as you read and are distracted by hummingbirds. You can have wine as you play rummy and not feel guilty. Play some frisbee right after. Go back to reading. Eat. Play some pool (and look like a fool!)

We ate our first 100% garden salad mix. I was so proud.


makescoffeenervous said...

lovely pictures! like from a storybook. :)
are you using hipstamatic?

kirsten said...

Those are great photos!
I think when we go camping in a few weeks I will prep the food before, so I can do a little R&R :)

Marysol said...

Hi everyone! Your comments should show soon - don't know what is going on here! I am getting your comments by email, but they are not posting on the blog entry...

Meg said...

sounds like a blissful weekend!! i would love to have a cottage to go relax at!

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