Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stuff It

The upside to having zucchini in your garden: blossoms to stuff.
Downside: gosh, it takes up so much space...

I have been gathering blossoms for 3 days. I discovered that bees and earwigs like to hide in them. This concerned Simon a bit tonight when he saw me preparing them... You will wash them right? No bees? No earwigs? Not sure I want to eat this. Of course, he ate them.

You need to eat these as soon as you are done frying them, you want the batter crispy, the cheese stuffing still warm and gooey. The extra stuffing went into baby tomatoes.

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

1/2 cup each: grated mozzarella, mascarpone and ricotta
Fresh herbs, I put basil, oregano, parsley
1 cloves garlic, minced
Salt and pepper

2/3 cup flour
1 cup club soda
Salt and pepper

Prepare your batter: with a whisk, mix the second set of ingredients and let rest.

Wash and dry your blossoms. Delicately open the top part and snip the pistil with scissors. Set aside.

Mix the cheeses, garlic, salt and pepper. Put into a pastry pouch or baggie with a cut corner. Fill the blossoms until they slighty puff up. Twist the top part of the blossom shut.

Dip the stuffed blossoms into the batter and fry until lightly golden. We ate them with a spicy tomatillo sauce.


Eva said...

You made it sound to simple and easy! Thanks for sharing.

kirsten said...

OMG!! This looks like the best home fry job EVER!! the golden batter....mmmmmm

{lovely little things} said...

Those look heavenly!

kaitlin said...

Yours sound much healthier and lighter than the ones I made a few weeks ago. Probably because they were.

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

What a yummy bite. Last night I read my latest Fine Cooking magazine and they did a thing on zucchinis and also fried blossoms. Tis the season.

Marysol said...

Anne, I picked up some more this morning and will try the recipe you sent me, it looks so simple and divine!!!

Kaitlin, I was selfish but if there are more, they are in your bag Tuesday :)

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