Sunday, July 18, 2010

Somen Noodles with Gai Lan

We've back from playing with bears and deer.
No more owl sounds, no more fireflies.
I am happy to be home, but, also a bit sad to have left the cottage with its beautiful surrounding lakes, vast fields, majestic forest.

It rained a bit, so this meant that we read and read and ate.
What a treat, I rarely have time to read. I indulged in a quick and funny read (Dishwasher, the quest of Pete the Dishwasher to wash dishes in each state of the U.S.), and a hilarious-are-you-sure-this-girl-isn't-my-sister book (It Could Be Worse, You Could Be Me). Now that I am back home, I will convince myself to take the time to read through a Francis Bacon bio, also started at the cottage, before going back to work. I deserve reading time even if I am not in the woods.

Coming back from vacay equals:
*empty fridge.
*overgrown garden.

I spent all morning and a part of the afternoon in the garden. Pulling out, weeding, cutting, tying, lifting some plants from the ground to help them grow better, turning the soil to plant some more. Wow. We have a lot to eat in there!

I pulled all the Gai Lan (or Gai Larn as I read in Delicious magazine this week) and will plant some more. We ate it with somen noodles, our first cucumber (yay!), orange bell pepper, cilantro, snow peas, green onion.


makescoffeenervous said...

you are really inspiring me to expand our vegetable (scratch that) herb garden. we have a very tiny patch of garden and we have a small chili pepper plant and ginger. :)

i'm thinking of buying pots to plant oregano and basil in. thank you for the inspiration!

Marysol said...

Ginger? That is so cool!!! I never even thought of it.

I tried lemongrass. I saw it on a food blog and followed this girl's instructions and it didn't work :(

Basil works really well in pots, better than the ground for me! I find the plants go higher.

Herbs in my garden have been the best thing ever!

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