Monday, July 19, 2010

Raspberry Pie and Patience

I am a fairly patient person.

I love picking berries. Time flies. Good pies.
I let people pass at the grocery store. And I smile. And I hope that one day they will let someone pass too.
I can paint or draw hands, just hands, for hours, days.
I don't mind waiting for a butterfly to stop fluttering in the garden.

.Bought a pie pan, bravo.
.Don't care much for butter based pie doughs. This was not my favourite.
.I mixed aged balsamic vinegar with the raspberries and sugar for this pie, yum.
.I am not a patient driver. I honk. I cuss.


Savannah said...

Hi Marysol!

You're photos are so gorgeous! Please feel free to share them with our online community -- I'm sure everyone would appreciate. And when we get recipes posted on our wall - we send out a Redpath apron :)

Marysol said...

Savannah, please email me and tell me how. I "liked" you on FB, now what?

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