Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pasta with Swiss Chard, Prosciutto and...Macadamia nuts?

Does this look delicious? It better, because it was.

Biking makes me hungry.
My healthy tofu and veggie lunches disappear in no time and I am ravenous when I get home. The past few days I have craved pasta. My whole world revolves around food - I have said before: I get up in the morning and I am already planning what we will have for lunch and dinner (I plan breakfast as I sleep). I constantly think about flavour combinations. Pairing wine. Using ingredients in new ways. I should work in a kitchen, my thoughts would be put to profit.

I am trying to find new ways to eat Swiss chard. It is overflowing in my garden. I am giving some away. I am roasting and grilling some. It is Swiss chard overload.

So, in an effort to eat what is available and be efficient with leftovers - ta-da! Swiss chard, prosciutto and macadamia nut pasta. I initially was thinking of pine nuts, classic. But then I had none. You know what? Macadamia was such a treat.

What do you need?
*Good quality olive oil
*Lemon zest
*Macadamia nuts
*Swiss chard
*Salt and lots of pepper
*Mascarpone for garnish (Or you could mix some in, but it may end up looking messy...)

ps. Today, as I was biking home, I got pooped on twice by birds. This either means that I am very lucky, or that it takes me too long to bike home.


Meg said...

great idea! i actually picked up some swiss chard at the farmers market this weekend. i've never tried it before & am not sure how to prepare it.. thinking of sauteing it, then roasting it with some parm. what's your favorite way to prepare it?

Mélodie said...

A friend of mine gave me a recipe for chard Monday. She said she was in love: a huge amount of onions (she said 4 cups !!), 8 cups of chard, pasta, olive oil and feta. That is it. She said it was great. I'm gonna try it with cavalo nero because that is what is growing in my garden right now.

p.s. each time I got pooped on by birds, I found money on the street later :-)


kaitlin said...

Yum, yum yum!

(Also, I will trade you swiss chard. I'm not sure what I have to offer, since my garden gets no sun. Perhaps a cake?)

And being pooped on is good luck. Always.

Garcon de Croissant said...

This recipe looks like a great alternative to a tomato-based or cream-based pasta dish when you're craving something a bit lighter.

Marysol said...

Meg, I think my favourite way is roasted on the bbq with olive oil, salt and pepper - but Simon like his greens sauteed with lemon and garlic, so it is a toss up! Have fun with it!

Marysol said...

Mélodie, merci!

You have cavolo in your garden? How fabulous is that? And you have great flowers too? You should have a blog to satisfy our curiosity...

Marysol said...

Kaitlin, in what neighborhood of Ottawa do you live? I can drop it off! Let's see how much I have after the weekend, I just gave a bunch away...

Mélodie said...

I do have cavalo nero. It is a first try and it is going good. You want some ? I have a lot. That could be a good excuse to meet :-) We're leaving for the long weekend but we're back Monday night.

{lovely little things} said...

A quick fix and probably for the better, macadamia nuts have that rich texture I just love!

kaitlin said...

I live in Westboro and work downtown. I would love some if you have any after the weekend! Drop me an email (kaitlin.wainwright at gmail.com)


Marysol said...

Melodie, I replied to another thread - maybe you are already gone though...

email me when you get back! marysol.foucault@gmail.com

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