Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Inspiration. You open a door and never know what might happen.

In art, some people bring tears to my eyes, literally. Open a book, walk into an exhibit...
Francis Bacon, Henry Darger - I saw a Damien Hirst piece today, breathtaking.
They inspire me to go further, to never hold back.

In food, a few chefs in the Ottawa region really do inspire me.
But mostly, you know what? Regular, really awesome, super fabulous, incredibly fantastic people inspire me. Go to your bookmarks, see what others are eating, get cooking.
These people make me feel good. Like I don't need fancy-schmancy purées and sauces and reductions and foams. Just make it tasty.

Rachelle & Ryan, Scott, Anne, Kaitlin, Don, Kirsten, Eva, Shari, Asha, Ron, Mary, Giz & Psychgrad, Jennifer no-meat-babe... and so so many more. Thank you.

Inspired by Scott and Ryan (and whoever else has recently done this...)

Beef with herb-yummy stuff. Parsley, oregano, basil, garlic, jalapeno, bird's eye chili...

I hope more of you inspire me real soon: parley, fennel and swiss chard are monsters in my garden. The return of the grilled swiss chard! (Now with sambal!)


One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Okay, this mind-meld thing is weirding me! Have you read my blog entry from today? Well, if you haven't, I will give it away. It is about you! It appears we both agree it is a cool thing when we pay it forward. Here's to yummy. Here's to adventure.

Marysol said...

Really??!! I did not read it yet! I think it is wonderful to highlight what others are doing. So little credit goes to home cooks. So much credit goes to so-so chefs. I have had too many ho-hum meals in restaurants that are supposed to be flawless, or the "new hotspot".

Anne, let's do something soon! I am free most evenings and I never mind last minute. I will re-try to get us all together late summer or fall...

Rachelle said...

You are the sweetest person i know. And I love how you appreciate all the things around you. It always makes me open my eyes a little wider, to truly appreciate all the wonderful things and people (like you!) that most people take for granted or let pass them by.

Don said...

We inspire?!?! You inspire us to cook! Food bloggers need to cook or, at least be around people who cook regularly. Cooking establishes legitimacy because we learn to appreciate what is food and what it take to prepare good dishes.

Your blog and your wonderful eye for the delicious always make for a fun read, one I regularly recommend others!

Thank-you for the mention!

Ottawa food bloggers should get together!

Speaking of which, a handful of bloggers and I briefly discussed photographing ourselves in pink aprons for Paint it Pink. This weekend, I'm planning to find a pink apron and an embroidery place to get "Ottawa Food Blogger" stitched onto it. Want in?

Meg said...

i realllly need to try swiss chard! perhaps i'll get some at the farmers' market this weekend.

Eva said...

Ah Marysol, tu me réchauffes le coeur! Tu m'inspires à me pousser et d'essayer des nouvelles choses pis je trouve ça drole que tu me considère une inspiration aussi. Ça doit être vrai - qui se ressemble s'assemble! Je viens tout juste d'essayer du Swiss chard pour la premiere fois (post a venir sous peu bien sur!). La prochaine fois - swiss chard, je te présente la grille de BBQ. Devine où j'ai pris l'idée... :)

Marysol said...

Rachelle, I try not to let too many things and people pass by... I am just missing a bit of time to appreciate them all. I need a double.

Don, yes, yes, thank you, let me email you!

Eva, viens-donc chez en chercher de la bette à carde!!! ha ha! J'en ai trop!

kaitlin said...

Thanks, Marysol! I can't say enough how much inspiration you've brought me!!

It's true, the best inspiration is often that which is right in front of you.

Psychgrad said...

Thank you for the mention Marysol! You definitely inspire us too.

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