Saturday, July 24, 2010

Easy Entertaining - Vive l'été!

Summer makes it all so easy.
I actually started my shopping after lunch - I walked to different little shops around Aylmer - then unpacked, had a nap, and eventually put everything together.

This is how it should be. Invite people over (in this case two faaaaabulous guests, Rachelle and Ryan!), spend one hour in the kitchen, then enjoy the company.

I did not take pictures of the meal except for dessert - Rachelle did take a few snapshots and maybe she will review me, and put me on Urban Spoon soon... I need to thank Stephen for the excellent menu ideas!!! Again, giving the kudos to those who inspire.

If you live close by, I wanted to mention a great little farm, Les Potagers Eardley. I bought some veggies, tomatoes and blueberries for our dinner...

I go there about once a week at this time of year until October. You can pick your berries (this year you could do strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) and they have a lot of veggies. All is displayed so nicely, prices are much better than Byward & Parkdale. Selection varies depending, well, on what is left in the field! They even have animals that you can pet behind the farm house.

What was this dessert? It was heavenly.
*Vanilla ice cream
*Coffee syrup (A few shots of espresso + sugar, reduced by half, chilled)
*Toasted slivered almond
*Blueberries in chocolate (Melt chocolate, pour over blueberries, freeze)
*Grated cinnamon

The cinnamon and almonds were just an extra yummy touch - I actually forgot them when I served the dessert! But then I redid one for myself and it was simply sublime.


Pam said...

Great blog! This sounds delicious and so does the raspberry pie down below! I'm new here and glad I found your blog! Way to go!

Mélodie said...

J'ai fait ta recette hier soir. Ce fut un franc succès. Mon chum, qui est habituellement le préposé aux desserts, n'en revenait pas :-) J'ai ajouté des framboises du Potager Eardley en plus des bleuets. Et pas de crème glacée vanille, mais de la bonne Coaticook aux fraises.

Marysol said...

Hi Pam, thanks!! And there is another raspberry pie in the oven now...

Can't wait to look at your blog too! Lot's of good stuff cookin'!

Marysol said...

Salut Mélodie! C'est bon hein??? J'ai fait beaucoup de syrop et c'est au frigo, peut-être tantôt...

Coaticook, connaissais pas!!! Il va falloir que j'en mange avec toi (et le préposé aux desserts...)

The Benny's said...

La salade que tu as fait avec la nectarine griller...est-ce que tu partage ta recette ;-)

Marysol said...

La salade!

It was really really basic. I mixed the greens (bought at Sol, a nice organic mix with flowers) with aged balsamic, olive oil and salt + pepper. I grilled the nectarines and prosciutto and basted them with a mix of cognac and oj!

The Benny's said...

Merci pour la recette!

Mélodie said...

Coaticook est une crème glacée québécoise, de l'Estrie. Super bonne, sans cochonneries. Celle à la vanille et aux pépites de sucre d'érable est assez délicieuse... Je recommande rarement Loblaws, mais c'est là qu'on en retrouve le plus de variétés.

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