Monday, July 5, 2010

Be a Good Guest...

...Bring a gift.

Fresh radishes from our garden. Beer and a nice rosé.

...Accept gifts graciously.

In this case, a delicious muddled drink from LCBO magazine. Strawberry, basil, rum, ginger beer.

...Eat what is served.

They almost gave me a heart attack by saying Big Mac. But it was sooooo pleasing and picture perfect. With sweet potato fries, a roasted red pepper and savoury/spicy/sour walnuts.

...End the evening with good manners and a sweet goodbye.

Black raspberries that I picked at the cottage this weekend. With cream and brown sugar. What more could you ask for? (Wait, let me check... friends, food, sun, a swimming pool, a bicycle ride. I think this is perfect.)


Don said...

Gorgeous shots! Stunningly gorgeous!

And, great guest advice! :)

MissAlyssa said...

looks perfect!

Vanessa said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love your blog :o)

Shari said...

Love your photos, Marysol! Sounds like a perfect evening!

Meg said...

that does sound pretty perfect! i am ready for some dinner now!

Rachelle said...

yumm! looks like the best big mac ever!

Victoire said...

Is that a HOMEMADE Big Mac?! Amazing!!

Marysol said...

To those who wondered, yes, it is an actual homemade Big Mac!

I had never tasted a Big Mac, so I have no reference, but the table agreed that it tasted just the same. Roseline made the sauce with an insane amount of ingredients, she got the recipe from 'Ricardo', a francophone chef that is popular in Quebec.

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