Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rose & Rhubarb. Drink Me.

I am dreaming of this over ice. On a very hot day.

I went to The Beast and picked it all. Au revoir rubarbe.

Roses are plentiful in front of our house, so I decided to add a few to the mix for color.

Rose and Rhubarb Syrup

Rose petals.

I simmered the rhubarb and sugar for about 4 hours. Then added the herbs for about 40 minutes and the rose petals for the last 10. Adjust the sugar to your liking. Strain.


Meg said...

yum! i've been having a heck of a time finding rhubarb in supermarkets around here! i'm thinking i should just grow my own!

kaitlin said...

mmmm. tart and sweet and floral. oh my. this would be so nice for a wedding...

Anonymous said...

Now, this sounds tasty!

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