Monday, June 7, 2010

Hazelnut, Pear & Dates

I am suddenly having a crazy week.
It seems that I had committed to an art show...but totally forgot. This does not happen to me, I am sooooo organized for art and never take more than I can chew.
A little 'ping'! came through yesterday afternoon, a reminder email that the show was about a week away.
What show? non. merde.

This means I have to plan out certain things a bit better - like food.
I usually wake up and start thinking about what I would like to eat today. Breakfast and dinner, then lunch if we have no leftovers. I normally take my sweet old time...

So this morning I tried thinking ahead a bit with what is in the fridge.
Luckily, Sunday morning, I did quite an efficient clean - made compote with leftover fruit, stock with leftover veggies, pureed, mashed, froze...

I baked muffins this morning with a pear compote made yesterday.
Follow this recipe. Or this recipe and replace the apple compote with pear. Add dates. Add nutmeg. Eat. Enjoy.


E said...

ooh good luck with the art show! Just remember dancers in the US often use "merde" as a good luck, term of endearment prior to shows! (although I am unsure of that usage's origins) love your blog!

Camila said...

oh no! how stressful!
These muffins look ace. Good luck with the food prep in the coming week.

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