Monday, May 31, 2010

Marinated Veggie Salad

This is the dressing that made me like mushrooms.
But there were none in our fridge, so you have the mushroom free version of the salad!

The oil is heated, then added to the acid and herbs. I have always liked to think that it helps the veggies marinate quicker and better.

You can play around with the dressing: in winter, use dried herbs like thyme and oregano. We put none because we had lovely fresh herbs from the newly planted garden.

It tastes much better the next day, so if you can think ahead, even better! Susbtitute Zucchini for cucumber. Roma tomatoes are fantastic because they soak up the flavours and keep their shape. Black olives are a nice finishing touch. We ate this salad with delicious sausage from William J Walter, a little shop that just opened next to our house, addictive.

Hot marinade dressing

1 cup oil of your choice (I did half canola, half Extra Virgin)
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
Zest of one lemon
Juice of half a lemon (to start, you may add more)
Fresh herbs (we had dill, oregano and basil)
3 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste

In a high sided sauce pot, heat the oil(s) until very hot but not smoking. In another high sided pot, put the remaining ingredients. Carefully pour in the hot oil - it will make noise and may splatter, step away!

Pour the dressing over the veggies and put in the fridge until nicely cold. You may decide to add the herbs as you serve if you are not doing this the day of, it just looks fresher.


kati said...

looks delish!

kaitlin said...


Can I tell you how much I delight in your recipes and your photos? I made this last night for lunches this week, but I added a bit of cubed avocado. I did everything in my power to not mix in some goat cheese.

It is incredible. It might be a life-changing salad. Seriously.

Marysol said...

Thank you Kaitlin!! You have me blushing!

Mélodie said...

This was wonderful. Perfect way to use my Bryson Farms veggies every week. And I have a Walter sausage shop near my house too... Maybe the same as yours :-) (ch. Aylmer ?).

Marysol said...

oui! Chemin Aylmer!

I live in wychwood, right behind it. We did a sausage fiesta and tried so many with friends - I love the jalapeno one and the asparagus & cheese. Breakfast sausage was great too.

Where are you Melodie, can you smell my BBQ?

Mélodie said...

ha ha, we did a sausage fiesta last week too. I love the William Suisse. The feta/olive as well. I didn't see the asparagus/cheese. I'll have to look for it. If you live close to that, that means you live close to one of my favorite place on earth, la boulangerie Aux deux frères. Everything they do is heaven. I like the butcher shop in old Aylmer too. The guy is so nice. And their cheese curds are awesome.

I live on Calvados/Vanier. But I'm always shopping in Aylmer. We probably ran into each other at some point :-)

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