Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grilling Swiss Chard

I know. I have not been a good girl for posts lately.
Frankly, they would not have been interesting.
I ate tons of veggies, developed an unhealthy obsession for grilled corn tortillas with sharp cheese, whizzed many beans for quick dips and had more than my share of udon, soba and rice noodles.

I also ate out more this week than I did in the past 6 months.
And I don't feel comfortable talking about other people's food. You never know: bad food day, something just waited too long to get served, flash of genius that one single time...
This blog is a journal for us to remember what we ate at home, and hopefully prompting us to share recipes that others could reproduce. Inspiration.

It dawned on me this week that more people than I imagined read this blog. I was surprised, I thought I had a few handfuls of faithful readers. I don't know what you expect my dears... Nothing spectacular happening here, just honest food. I am not a chef, I am a girl who loves cooking. I live to cook. I get up in the morning and think of food. Really.

...and really, you should grill Swiss Chard.
Toss it in a bit of olive oil & salt. A few minutes on the grill, it gets nicely wilted and crispy. Then toss with more olive oil, garlic. For even more sublime results, toss with a bit of aioli.

...and really, you should grill some potatoes and make a salad.

Lightly brush some cooked potatoes (just tender) with olive oil. Grill until nicely crisp. Toss with fresh aioli, green onions and herbs. We added a bit of lime to complement our chipotle ribs.

Yes, delicious, tender, crispy on the outside, pork ribs.
Cooked in beer, spices, tomato, onion. Reduce the sauce, whizz, baste, grill, enjoy.


Mélodie said...

Great new idea! I get swiss chard a lot in my veg basket and I was running out of ideas :-) Will try it this week.


Marysol said...

I will have to get creative, I will have much in the garden this year!! Stay tuned!

nanooksvinyl said...

sounds yummy. this weekend, i made baked kale chips and baked collard green chips. same idea. i de-stemmed the leaves, tossed in oil, salted, and put them on a baking sheet at 350 for 13 minutes. crunchy, tasty, healthy, easy.

nice blog, marysol :]

Marysol said...

oh kale chips!!! I buy a bunch and can eat the whole thing by myself...

Mélodie said...

Tried it tonigh :-) I came back from yoga and my husband was making hamburgers on the grill. With no sides. (Men !) So I took out my chard, put olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled it. It was super good. I thought it was going to be all wiltedy-spinachy but it was tender and even crisp on the edges. Merci !

Marysol said...

Mélodie, mon plaisir!!!

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