Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spicy Mustard Chicken Burger

What makes this moment absolutely perfect?

*The fact that it is still sunny out and that I am about to eat.
*The fact that my fingernails are full of dirt.

I have started my seeds. I bought some organic/heirloom ones and some regular ones, I can't wait to see what grows faster/better/tastier... I will also soon be receiving a seed kit from Beckta, that will be exciting even though it seems like I have the same variety or types of veggies (duplicates will be Chantenay carrots, fava, beets, colored swiss chard, radishes)

I have found a trade partner for some sprouts!! Joie! Merci Chloé! Can't wait to get pumpkin!!

Anywhoo... A great mix for chicken burgers:
*marinate your chicken in a mix of maple, grainy mustard and chilies. Save some of the mixture to baste the chicken as it grills.
*serve on a bun with sauteed onions, bacon, hot banana peppers, lettuce (we had roquette), mayo.
*our sides were... green! We had some roasted rapini with smoked sea salt and an arugula salad with lemony goat cheese, a lemon/garlic vinaigrette and some roasted tomatoes.


Rachelle said...

yay! we got the beckta seeds too!

Marysol said...

YEEEESSSSS! We will compare! I can't wait...

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