Monday, April 5, 2010

No Cooking Required

What a lovely weekend this was.

The only meal I prepared were burritos for a quick lunch on Friday. I can't believe it. I didn't even make breakfast - we had croissants and apple turnovers from a nearby bakery. One very late but joyous meal was a mix of nachos, cheese bites and sausage at l'Autre Oeil.

We were invited to a 60th bday party. I ate a lot of pretzels.

We went to the sugar shack. I dreamt of making a stack of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup - but they served the pancakes at the end only.

We were some very lucky guests on Sunday and tried out Nicole's pizza. She had just bought a pizza stone (watch this cute video on how to use one!) and we sampled 5 different kinds. Nicole also tried this recipe from Orangette: it was quite good, we were all imagining what else we would have served it with... dunked in chocolate, covered in ganache, buried under a cloud of whipped cream (my suggestion of course. tons and tons of whipped cream).

Dear family and friends... thank you.


nicole said...

C'étais notre plaisir de vous avoir, tellement une belle surprise!

Et moi, je vote encore pour la ganache...

Avec un grand verre de lait plein gras, "organic meadows" (pour avant le dodo)

Marysol said...

bien, moi aussi je suis têtue et je reste avec ma crème fouettée. Avec du lait. Gras. Délicieux.

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