Friday, April 2, 2010

Les 3 Gourmandes

No, this is not a new restaurant. Simply three girls who love to eat.
I didn't quite know if I should post about this, but it seemed like a sweet revenge. Rachelle did post about coming over for dinner at my house...

Consider this post an ode to food, an ode to great company, an ode to fantastic cooks.

For a few years now, my friend Amy and I eat together regularly. We eat until our tummies explode and are very often victim of food coma. In Rachelle, we found a partner. I like girls who indulge, who don't think about waistline, who let out little sounds of satisfaction as they eat.

Upon arrival, we were all so excited. Bottles of cava, white wine, cheese, figs, bread, where to start? My hands hovered from one thing to the other and I felt so fortunate.

Rachelle went from oven to fridge, mixed, added little things.

Behind every incredible woman is a man... and in this case, the man is an extremely organized and caring husband who wanted this evening to be a success for his wife.

Truffle oil drizzled on our gazpacho, a taste of summer to come. A recipe that I will try out.

Chorizo stuffed mushroom. I think we had about 3 dozen...

Lovingly prepared smelts.


Disappearing in our little otter tummies. (Yes, I do picture myself as an otter when I eat oysters and smelts...)


As if smelts did not make me feel like this meal was prepared just for me, we then had fish tacos. Beautiful halibut from the Whalesbone, mixed with lime juice, just the right amount of spice, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, corn salsa...

We even managed to eat a few fork fulls of wild rice. And have a second taco. Why the three of us stay so tiny is a mystery, but I thank the universe.

We ended our frugal evening with a splendid merlot port that Rachelle brought back from the Valley...

...and what I thought was a good phone picture, was not so much. But you saw it before it got cut. We ate cake. Rachelle and Amy had seconds, and leftovers.

Something about sharing a great meal brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart all puffy. Generosity. People who want to please you as much as you want to please them. People that make you smile, and you want to make them smile even more.


Rachelle said...

I absolutely LOVED spending the evening with you guys! Such wonderful company. And yay! I didn't screw anything up. Although I did forget to sprinkle the smelts with rock salt and lemon!!

pinkghost said...

yay, i'm glad you blogged about the evening, it was so fun!

Marysol said...

girls, anytime, all the time

with or without lemon. I don't mind.
ps. i was actually craving smelts as i got up. pps. simon said i would have done the same as Ryan...

Eva said...

It looks like you had a wonderful celebration of food! Very few things beat an evening with scrumptiously wonderful women and scrumptiously delicious food!

Marc-André said...

Those tacos look like pure pleasure. Way to go girls!

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