Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

I have already posted the recipe for these some time ago... but I just had to repost it because they are so sooooo good.
It was Simon's bday and this is all that is left of a very high pyramid of treats.

Please make these, they are so simple. Share them with friends.


pinkghost said...

i'm going to try these!!

In My Tennis Shoes said...

made them yesterday and they were delish!!

Marysol said...

I am so so happy that you made these!!! They are really easy.

Thanks for linking me on your lovely blog! I have added you to my daily list of reads :) Beautiful pictures.

donkey and the carrot said...

Myyyy preciouuuus Chocolate Squares!!!!!!!

donkey and the carrot said...

Ok my dear sweet friend... RESPECT!!! THEY ARE BLOW MIND CHOCOLATE BARS!!!!!!!! SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! CAN'T STOP EATING!!! tomorrow i am gonna post your recipe... thank you so much for sharing....:)))))))))

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