Friday, March 26, 2010

How to cater for 100 guests on your own

Ok. Maybe it will be only 75. I don't know, but I am ready.

Tomorrow, Victoire is celebrating the opening of their Wellington West boutique and have asked me to do the food. I would sell my soul for beautiful dresses, and they have tons, and that is exactly why I do this. That, and the fact that I love Katie and Régine - they dance, they laugh, they are so outgoing. Often, I wish I was just like that. But for now, I would rather be hidden in a basement, slaving over food that will make many tummies joyous. I dance in secret on Esquivel songs in my head wearing my polka dot apron.

Come and see the new shop, dance on a fantastic soundtrack, meet Katherine, Régine, Shasha and the gang + eat, just a tiny bit. I will be hiding in the basement (really, but I am pretty sure you can come down and see me) and preparing...

Mini corndogs with a yummy spicy maple mustard
Guacamole and grilled veggie quesadillas
Miniature Beau's Beer pulled pork sandwiches
Teeny-tiny cornbread
Corn fritters, corn fritters and corn fritters
Vegetables boxes with ranch dressing
Smores on a stick
BACON caramels. yes, BACON caramels.

Makin' caramel... Hope to see you soon!


Don said...

Hoping we can swing by on the way to running errands. Good luck to Victoire on its opening. Jenn has been eyeing the dresses too :)

Marysol said...

Hey Don, don't know if you came by yesterday... If not, maybe much better for Jenn, the clothing is too lovely to resist! You saved some money and you don't even know it!!!

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