Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Granola Part 2

Last night I wanted to bake a cake, but I had no butter. That will be for me to do tonight...
As I already had my hands in the kitchen, I decided to make some more granola.

I changed up the ingredients a bit - omitted the hazelnuts and pecans - added pumpkin seeds, millet, dried cranberries and figs. This is such a great breakfast. Here is my granola in the warm glow of our house this morning.

This is one of my favourite corners, bits and pieces of such lovely people... I have Marie-Eve to thank for finding a chair, art from Meaghan, flowers from Teena, books from so many friends, memories of dinners and laughter. I am so thankful to be surrounded by amazing people, and to be in good health.

Marie-Eve, spring is here, new beginnings.

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marie camille said...

the granola in situ.

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