Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York City Food!!!

You wondered where I disappeared to? Yes, we still ate, we just didn't cook anything for awhile... We visited New York city!

I had been asking Simon to go for about, hmmm, say, 4 years now.
-How about we go for your birthday? Simon asked.
-But we can't. How could we leave work? We'll be so busy.
-We'll always be busy. Let's just do it.
And we did.
And we ate.

Where to start? I had been planning restaurants for about a month and my list was long. My expectations were high - in my mind, food was going to be beyond. Just like here, like all the places I have visited before... food is sometimes good, sometimes, not so much.

Let me start with random stores and food notes... then the good, and the not so good in separate posts. Pictures are what they are: no other cameras than our phones.

*I totally fell in love with Whole Foods. It is a bit similar to Herb and Spice, you see it all the time in Top Chef. One night we did not feel like going out - so we picked up dips and spreads and ate in bed. The garlic and chive hummus was to die for. To die for.

*Dean and Deluca. What is this??? Is it to make rich people feel good about going 'grocery shopping' for themselves? This store was unreal. There were more employees than shoppers. Every food item needs to be weighed and packaged (one guy hunted me down for my apples, put them in a bag and labeled them) and it is just so expensive. We bought one sandwich for the drive home and it was so disgusting that we ate only half and waited to get home to eat...

*Doughnut plant.

(I look like an absolute dork. ha ha, hi! I am here in front of doughnut plant, I am so happy!)

Oh my, doughnut plant. I have waited for you all my life.
I was not a fan of doughnuts, that is because I had never had such good ones.
When we arrived, there was a line outside the shop. We finally got in and saw that the wait line looped in the store:

...and then it was heaven. We should have bought more. Simon had a blackout (soft little patches of chocolate in chocolate, with chocolate over it) and I had a coconut dream (so soft, filled with coconut cream and glazed with coconut.) It tasted of real coconut cream, just sweet enough.

Ingredients are as local as can be. Jellies, jams, creams, glazes are made in-house. It is in the middle of nowhere. It is packed all the time. Lesson? If it is good, they will come.

*Jamba Juice. Don't. Just don't.

*Pinkberry. The green tea smoothie was so good! A sour milk taste that I really appreciate, comparable to some Asian desserts that I often crave.


Rachelle said...

oh my god i'm so jealous!!!

Marysol said...

I want to open a doughnut plant.

Victoire said...

oh my goodness, Katie and I have to go to the doughnut plant!

Marysol said...

oh!!! bring me back a box!

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