Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York City Food - Breakfast

Second NYC post - the mighty breakfasts.
I love breakfast. At home, I don't mind baking even on weekdays, flipping eggs and bacon - even better though is having someone do it for me.

I feel we don't have enough good breakfast spots in Ottawa-Outaouais. It sucks in Aylmer that's for sure. I dreamt of eating in places like the Manx and Benny's every morning... but I forgot to note the brunch spots in my restaurant list, so we just had to drop in and try some places.

Starting with the worst...


The absolute worst. L'attrape-touriste. A joke.
A few people recommended this spot and it is well reviewed on the web. We had just taken a beautiful walk on the high line and it ended right beside the restaurant. Pastis was so huge and so full. We had to wait for a good 15 minutes before being seated: you saw servers buzzing around, people going in and out constantly. To me, that is a sign of good food no?

It was very expensive. Our jaws dropped when we saw the prices. The least expensive plate was $18. No coffee. Simon had an $18 plate (an herb omelet, dried herbs please, with fries - no 'home' fries here) and I had a $19 plate:

...disgusting. The description did not match what was on my plate. My plate was dirty, greasy.
Don't ever go to Pastis and don't ask what this was.

Trestle on Tenth

This was also fairly expensive, but good. Coffee was great.
Simon had some eggs and bacon and I had a croissant with homemade jam, artisanal butter and delicious local honey. Real honey, not flavoured corn syrup. The ambiance though was not so good: even though the decor was cozy, cushions, warm tones and wood - the service was very sterile.

Tipsy Parson

I want a restaurant like this one. The space was perfect. The server was so sweet. Everything in its right place to make you feel at ease.

The cutlery was charming (and clean... )

They offered a lot of in-house made sweets (the sticky buns looked so good!! we wanted some for take out and the man beside us ate two AFTER his breakfast... and then there were none left) Everything on the menu sounded good.

Simon hinted that I should have the Dutch Baby Pancake with lemon curd to satisfy my sour craving. It was absolute perfection. Fluffy. Crispy. Not too sweet. Baked in the oven. Wow, where can we get this nowadays?

He had a breakfast sandwich like no other. It was topped with a beautiful roasted tomato, accompanied by avocado cream.

And that was pretty much it for breakfast! We ate in a bagel place next to the Guggenheim museum, it was pretty good too. Real bagels. We did not come across those in any other place.


Eva said...

Thanks for your post! I'm hoping to get to NYC within the next year so I'll keep these in mind!

Marysol said...

Oh! I'll send you my map!!! I will post tonight about lunches and dinners... so many places I wanted to go to and didn't get the chance.

Rachelle said...

awesome posts!!

Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Glad you liked the Tipsy Parson! I completely agree that Pastis is beyond overrated. I always warn friends from out of town, but they never listen:(

Marysol said...

Oh, I should have posted that I was going and asked for suggestions... Tipsy was on top of my list of surprises!

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