Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vodka Soaked Salmon

What was your best bite? Your best mouthful?

A friend of ours brought this up a few days ago. I don't know about you, but I always try to get all the little bits and pieces on one fork, to get all the flavors possible in one bite. Then, obviously, there is the subject of 'official' bites like hors-d'oeuvres and amuse-bouche - I would eat those every night of the week.

The last days of the year were all about achieving perfect bites - it starts with great ingredients. I drove to Old Chelsea for fish (if you have the opportunity, try the Chelsea Smokehouse's new restaurants, Fish and Chips to die for!!!), and to Ottawa for meat and cheese.

A platter of smoked fish and seafood with fresh artichokes and roasted chestnuts was a start for a dinner with friends (along with lapin à la moutarde as the main, beets, mushrooms, sunchokes...). Vodka soaked salmon and mini beef tenderloins were a highlight for new year's eve. The next morning, absolutely delightful pancetta bites were served alongside poached eggs - I will try to redo them today and photograph properly. Gosh, my life revolves around food.

For the new year, a few good intentions:

*Taking better pictures. So many good recipes that I would have shared were not posted because my pictures were so crappy, like the rabbit I did a few days ago... We bought a light that should help with that!
*Grow more in the garden! Better planning and care - operation snail and earwig will be full-force.
*Thinking about the perfect bite some more. When I eat out, when I plan meals.

Vodka Soaked Salmon
simple simple bite for your next dinner party...

  • Good quality, really fresh salmon (The Boucanerie one is great because it sometimes picks up a bit of the smokiness from the other fish in the fridge...)
  • Good quality vodka (it will give a crisp taste... Cheap one will be a bit dull)
  • A bit of olive oil or light tasting oil
  • Lemon zest
  • Roughly ground pepper
  • Onions and capers for garnish, maldon or coarse sea salt to sprinkle.

Cut the salmon into bite size pieces and put into a resealable bag. Add vodka, lemon rind, pepper and oil (if you wish, I actually did not add any - it could also be drizzled on right before service). Suck out all the air and seal the bag. Rest for at least an hour. Garnish with thin slices of onion (ours were soaked in lemon juice) and capers (fry them for an added textural element, I could eat a bowlful this way...) Sprinkle with salt (we had Salty Don's Pink Sea Salt)

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