Saturday, January 16, 2010

fried smelts, twice baked potatoes...

Do you remember Hung from Top Chef?
I really related to him, I think I was a bit the same when I worked in restaurants. I loved the challenge of doing too many things in too little time. It made me smile when I had 10 orders on the go and 10 more in the back of my mind - you feel challenged.

Last night I took the bus home and, as it drops me right in front of my mum's house, I stopped by to say hello. Then walked over to the grocery store and got a few things for dinner: oh what a treat when I saw smelts!!!

I slowly walked home and appreciated the mild weather.
Arranged for a computer conversation via Skype as a gallery in Edmonton was planning the last details for the opening of my solo art show...

Then I saw the time.
I had about one hour before Simon got home and at that time also, the doors to the gallery would open and they would get Skype going again (so that I could see the crowd!)

In record time:
Twice baked potatoes with aged cheddar, roasted fennel, bruschetta with garlic croutons, roasted chestnuts, roasted kale, fried smelts...

We toasted with delicious Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.


Heather said...

That looks so delicious! Also congrats on the solo art show, I had no idea!

Marysol said...

i try not to talk about the art part too much at work, it may weird some people out!

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