Monday, January 11, 2010

Chicken, Thai Eggplant and Basil and ...

Tonight we felt like an extra serving of veggies, does it show?

I did a chop suey type mix with bean sprouts, veggies, ginger, garlic, vegetable stock, mirin. I think this was Simon's fave, with added crispy noodles on top.

My favourite was a simple sauté of chicken and vegetables, lots of ginger, garlic, vegetable stock, bird's eye chili and Thai basil.

The Chinese greens I bought were exceptionally yummy, after rinsing them, we started chomping on them raw. We did end up roasting them with lemon zest though...

It felt great to eat almost only vegetables, we didn't feel too full. The evening continued with a nice walk to the waterside, a few footsteps on the ice, and a beautiful view of the white, frozen river, meeting the dark sky. I love winter.

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