Sunday, December 6, 2009

slow cooker - fail

This weekend I was so, soooooo ready to use my slow cooker.

This slow cooker has had it pretty easy.
I bought it for my mum last Christmas because her old one was too small, she longed for a larger one. So, it was my mission to find a larger model. BUT, this one was too big. She found it too heavy. She found it took up too much space. So a few weeks ago, she gave it back to me.


Simon and I decided to escape all responsibilities this weekend and go to the family cottage.
I brought much food with us and wanted to experiment and cook.
My initial plan was to test slow cooking meals that I could get started before leaving for work, and test out quick cooking meals in my pressure cooker.

The chef at work asked that I lend her my pressure cooker until midweek.
And the slow cooker just died. After 2 minutes of heating, I heard a nice crack. That was it. No more slow cooker.
So no experiments, but still good food.

I did a nice ossobuco type dish. Do you like my brownish phone pic?
My original plan was to do shanks in the slow cooker just like Ryan did - but the butcher had no shanks, rather prepared pieces for ossobuco. The veal from La Boucherie Bisson was beautiful. Such a nice color, a clean and perfect cut. Simon ate bone marrow for the first time, he hesitated for a half second, then just dug it out. We ate it with greens and a celeriac and potato mash - not traditional sides for it, but it was not my original plan... I did with what I had!

We also had nice pulled pork sandwiches for lunch today.
I did a large batch and froze the leftover for Christmas hors-d'oeuvres - I am sure it will be a hit.

Other culinary thoughts from the weekend:

*I almost finished a Julia Child biography. I did not know much about her (and have not seen THE movie), she made me smile but I was also surprised by a few sad details. Some opinions that she has voiced will stay in my mind and keep me for loving her completely.

*I held a pet rabbit. It was huge and so soft and I was in love. Then I wondered if I could eat this type of rabbit or if it would be too fatty.


Rachelle said...

Ha! I watched the movie this weekend. It was nice.

Marysol said...

oh, is out on dvd yet?!! I am curious!

...or did you treat yourself to the movies?!!

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