Saturday, December 12, 2009

parmesan chicken...just like Jamie

This week, Simon was sent a link to a little cooking capsule with Jamie Oliver.
I have a food crush on Jamie Oliver, I 'discovered' him about a month ago leafing through a cookbook at work, it was so rustic and honest and it smelled like fresh earth. I thought he was just a pretty boy posing for a camera and charming all the ladies with his accent...

We decided to try the parmesan chicken recipe for dinner.
Of course, a few added elements: some garlic, grated, rubbed under the chicken breast & arugula leaves under the prosciutto.

The recipe worked well. The grated lemon rind was a delicious addition, every time i tasted it, it made me smile.

If we were to redo it, we would have banged the chicken a bit, then put on the ingredients, then banged it some more... It would have been good to have the crunchy topping for the whole piece, not just the middle.

Go see Jamie - it will make you want to try it too.

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