Tuesday, December 29, 2009

scallop + chorizo + olive

The holiday season is all about food. And naps. And friends.

We had our share of 'official' holiday food. no more please.
We treated ourselves to our favourite little restaurant twice (vive le Benny's Bistro!!!)
...but the best, the ultimate part of this week off for me is seeing friends and tasting new home cooked creations.

Mathieu and Roseline are a couple that always share our enthusiasm for dinner parties.
We take turns hosting, we sometimes do themed dinners and it is always delicious.
This was Mathieu's contribution to the meal last night.

I would have eaten more if we had not had cheese and paté before and were not going to have a main right after. Absolutely mouthwatering. I am a very salty person and this satisfied me like very little 'bites' have satisfied me before.

I was having a glass of white with Roseline as the men prepared this...but I think this is what Mathieu did:

-Marinate your scallops in vermouth for about 30 minutes.
-Prepare yourself a martini.
-Chop the chorizo on the bias and cook in a hot pan until crispy. Set aside.
-Zest half a lemon and fry with olives, set aside.
-Pat your scallops dry and pan fry until golden.
-Assemble the bites and drizzle with olive oil and the cooked lemon zest.


Heather said...

that looks scrumptious!

Marysol said...

they were! I ate too many!

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