Monday, December 14, 2009

Lima beans

These are the 'Ron' beans.
I have been wanting to do these for a few weeks now, ever since Ron Eade posted about it on his blog.

There were two 'odd' things that I loved when I was small: sardines and lima beans.
You could open a can of sardines and give me a fork + mustard and I was a-ok.
You could open a can of lima beans, heat them with butter and I was in heaven.
What an odd 5 year old.

My mother gave me this pressure cooker. It scares me like no other kitchen tool-gizmo.
I would be more at ease with a mini chainsaw (Simon knows I want a real one for Christmas... I've been asking for it for a few years now)

The pressure cooker is your friend Marysol.

I cooked the beans in it for 10 minutes, let it cool down for another 10. I saved myself the soaking and reduced the cooking time.

I then finished cooking the lima beans on the stove top using Ron's trick: chicken stock.
in the saucepan went white wine, chicken stock (or veg stock!), roasted red pepper, dried oregano, fresh thyme, black pepper. I added yellow beans during the last minutes of cooking. Once cooled, I added white wine vinegar, olive oil and a bit of salt.

I am so pleased at how these turned out! We will bring them to the family Christmas dinner...


Rachelle said...

You have got to be kidding me!? My husband has an obsession with chainsaws and even tho we have absolutely nothing to cut, I bought him one for his birthday a couple of years ago, just so he can now say he has one (he did actually end up finding stuff to cut). it must be a thing with people who love cooking. cooking and chainsaws go together like peanut butter and jam.

Marysol said...

This is hilarious.
I got a circular saw last year, although I was clearly excited, it still scares me a bit!

So you know exactly what it is to be my partner... Your husband and I are just about the same person!

Eva said...

a chainsaw sounds like so much fun! My favorite saw is the miter saw ... but the table saw scares me!

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