Saturday, December 12, 2009

lamb shanks with risotto

I craved risotto today. This side has just recently become a favourite for me...
I think I had bad risotto for quite long. Then I had really, really really good risotto at Beckta and was convinced. This is usually what pushes me to make better at home. (Yes, I am somewhat competitive and obsessive)

I left some lamb shanks to bathe in wine, homemade chicken stock, onion, peppercorns & juniper berries this morning. When it was time to cook, I added some thyme + rosemary from the garden.

I do look absolutely precious in my high heel boots going through the snowy garden to get some herbs! It is the garden that keeps on giving!!! I can't wait for spring, I this I will double the garden space...

Was yummy with rapini sauteed in garlic and lemon, simple parmesan and chicken stock risotto. (I started with 2 French shallots, white wine, a bit of fresh thyme...)

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