Tuesday, November 24, 2009

rack of pork

As Simon would say: home sweet home.
It's been awhile since I have had an evening home, as in: not arriving from work past 7-8pm, then eating horribly late.

I haven't eaten a proper dinner at home since... hmmmm... last Tuesday?
I have been alone a few nights, so that equals a veggie platter, roasted kale and cheese + crackers.
Then, I ate at work. Delicious, but I eat in a corner way too late, way too fast.
And last night I had a delightful dinner with friends at Absinthe as part of the Omnivore Supper Club.

I bought this rack of pork thinking I would cook it Saturday or Sunday, then it dawned on me that I would be at work in the evenings. blaaaah.
One good thing came out of this though, it got to absorb delicious flavors in the past few days.
Garlic, grainy mustard, a bit of white wine, herbs...

We got garlic in the CSA basket from Juniper Farm and, believe it or not, my herbs are still growing like mad in the garden. Behold the thyme, rosemary and parsley.

We ate the pork with oven roasted kale (Amy! Kale! Kale!), purple potatoes and squash from Juniper. The squash was so tender, we even ate the skin - it was roasted it with maple syrup & cayenne.

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