Sunday, November 15, 2009

good wine

I am pretty neurotic when it comes to wine.
The sommelier who taught the first wine class I ever attended told us to always buy more than you can drink. Store it. Enjoy it when it is at its peak.

Simon must have thought I was mad when he met me... I had all these bottles with tiny little stickers on them. Price, sometimes ideal year to open. And no, you cannot pick whatever, whenever.

I open older or more expensive bottles only on special occasions. New job, good contract, big painting sold, father died... and Friday, I just needed to be cheered up. We sat on the floor and went through the bottles, trying to pick what would go best with what we were about to prepare. The meal in itself was not so special (although very very good!), but I needed a treat.

Who would have guessed that a good bottle of wine can prevent a girl from crying or getting really really mad?

We enjoyed it with pasta, a simple spicy tomato sauce with red wine salami, spinach and green peppers.

Other culinary news from the weekend:

-Never EVER go to Café Bacci. We had gift certificates and were going to a show right next to it, so we thought, heh, why not. Worst. Meal. Ever. Gross from a-z, even the antipasti platter was sad. The cheapest possible cheeses, with 4 tiny pieces of factory bread, 4-5 olives, commercial spicy eggplant for an astronomical price. Simon's pasta was so bad we couldn't even pinpoint what 'the bad' was. My Carbonara seemed to have been done by a 15 year old who poured cream on ham chunks.

-Last night we had a very chill evening with a group of friends: all were to dress in green, bring green food as part of a buffet. Projections of trees, fake grass on the concrete floor, and soft green lighting... Isn't it fun to do something out of the ordinary?

-Tonight, ta-ta-tâ!!!!! Dinner at Simon's parent. A quick hour with them, then we both get back to work on our projects.

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